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*Disclaimer: The information and advice provided by The Nutritional Therapy Clinic is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Any person suffering from conditions requiring medical attention, or who have symptoms that concern them, should consult a doctor. Testimonials on this site regarding weight loss and other issues are examples of what we have done for other clients and of what some of our clients have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. Please see our disclaimer section for further information.

After struggling for many years with my diet and managing the various symptoms of PCOS, I found that no matter how much I exercised or seemed to control my diet, I was heavier than I should have been.  I was also managing the other symptoms of PCOS such a terrible heavy painful, periods, mood swings, bloating, IBS and, general fatigue to name a few.

After numerous trips to my local GP where I told of the various deficiencies I had, I was just prescribed the usual supplements, but not given clear direction as to how I would move forward. The turning point came when I stopped being able to carry out daily everyday tasks and whilst functioning properly I found that my energy levels were at an unexplainable low no matter how much sleep I was getting.

I researched online and found The Nutritional Therapy Clinic.  I went in for an initial appointment, was sent for full blood tests, and was surprised and happy with the thorough analysis and information I received.  Emma was great; really informative, clear and knowledgeable about what was causing my chronic fatigue and inability to function properly.

Emma proposed that I try the Metabolic Balancing diet.  I was incredibly skeptical when she showed me the plan.  Also, as a boxing coach, I was very used to training at a high intensity, however, I found that training in this way also left me needing a number of days to recover.

The plan was amazing!  It involved some serious adjustments and also a new approach to food and exercise which took me some weeks to adapt, it also made me look at my lifestyle and address some key imbalances.  It truly has been amazing.  It also enabled me to lose 9 kilos!

I am really happy with the results and would highly recommend Emma and the Nutritional Therapy Clinic to anyone who has any nutritional and health issues.

- Bernice

I’m Elisa and I am 66 years old and I live in France.

I’ve always been slim, no matter what I was eating,  but somehow after age 50, with the menopause factor,  I started putting weight on,  little by little, until 16 years later I was feeling heavy,  my knees hurting, my clothes too tight, even if I was careful with food and didn’t eat that much;  almost no breakfast, a good lunch and a soup for dinner, and very healthy food.  It wasn’t fair.  From 59 Kg at 45, I went to 69 Kg at 65, 1kg a year. I tried various diet plans like Atkins or WW, with no success.

My daughter-in-law started the Metabolic Balance Program and was happy with it.  This encouraged me to join her on the program.

To me,  the weaning period off the old eating habits during the 2 days Phase 1 and 14 days Phase 2 was the most difficult as I was changing all my eating habits. I am now eating proteins, vegetables,  fruit and bread at each meal.  In other words I am eating more now than before my diet !

I started losing on the second week,  100gr a day. Two months later I reached my objective of 62 kg. Now I’m on maintenance plan,  it’s very simple and easy as I’m used to the routine now and  don’t even think about it. I can have some cheat meals without feeling guilty and still stay on the plan.

The big factor to me is that the program killed my ANXIETY about being hungry and fear of missing.  Before, I would take a snack with me when I would leave to go somewhere,  just in case …  Now I know that I can last 5 hours with no trouble, so I feel safe and know I’ll be ok.

Drinking water is enough during those 5 hours, just what I need and it feels good !

Thanks to Emma for always being present, even if I live in France.  We did the program remotely via FaceTime except for the first appointment, for answering questions, being supportive,  and thanks to Donna for facilitating the organisation.  Congrats to the team !

- Elisa

My health had been horrendous for 4 years, I have PCOS, endometriosis, IBS and coeliac disease.

I was in quite a bad place, I had seen numerous of consultants along with having quite a few operations and procedures in the last four years. I had never felt so low, along with feeling tired, lethargic all the time along with feeling so bloated and so weighty especially around the middle of my tum area I knew I was just not myself at all.

My last consultant was an endocrinologist and he just couldn’t work out why I had gained so much weight and looked so bloated as it wasn’t from over indulging. I really was hoping for medical answers but nothing came back from all the through tests I had received it was becoming a complete medical mystery and my insurance was going through the roof due to all the consultants and tests I was having. Then I came across the clinic and Emma, I gave her a call and on the initial call she was so very helpful. Unfortunately I then delayed starting the program due to business problems which then caused lots of stress, then one day in May I just thought what I have got to lose get on with the program and give it a go.

This is when my journey began for me.  It was a real tough month as my body was resisting so badly, however all the way through Emma was so supportive and so reassuring to keep going and then the results started happening. I have now been on the journey since June 2018 and still continuing with the program, I just can’t begin to explain how good I feel, I never would have believed it. I am still currently on this life change journey and still working with the clinic as there is so much more to understand and I don’t want to undo all the hard work on going forward.

To me this is now my way of life and I wouldn’t want to go back to the way I felt and especially the way I looked. It is not an easy program but if your health is so bad and you have determination when you start seeing the results on the program you won’t want to go back. I just felt so poorly for such a long time to now start feeling more energised, sleeping better and feeling back to some normality this was worth all the commitment and hard work. For me this is a life changer and now the way forward and the future.

A big thank you for the continual support from Emma, when times were really tough, or when I was so unsure about things she was always there on the end of the phone or via email and so was her assistant, Donna, thank you to Emma, Donna and to the clinic for my journey.

- Julie

I can honestly say that I wish I had done this years ago. I’m starting to feel comfortable around food and love the guidelines/recipes/methodology of the plan – it really works for me.

I feel great and can notice a difference in my skin/hair/moods as well. Everyone has commented on how well I look.

- Colette

*I went to the clinic not really sure how to regain control of my eating, feeling utterly miserable and just unsure of how to move forwards.

I felt that Emma listened and took the time to understand what type of approach would work best for me.

I spent 12 weeks following the personal plan and lost weight, felt better, and most importantly resolved my issues with sleeping. I was able to ask questions and get support at all times, and our check-in meetings really helped to keep me motivated.

I have such a better understanding of my personal nutrition, and I know that if I need any additional advice or a reboot at any time I could get in touch and Emma would be happy to help.

- Sarah

I went to see Emma on the 28th November 2016 and I was a broken person, I had tried everything to mend myself, with my husband’s help, but it was impossible. So the day I walked into Emma’s clinic I was fat, tired, stiff and with no memory (my nickname is Dory, because I had the memory of said fish!!!). I was slumped on Emma’s desk staring at her blankly as Emma tried to help me understand what was wrong with me.

I’d been to the Doctors and was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), sleep apnea, eczema, migraines, IBS, indigestion, oh and stress. If Emma had told me to lick a tree I would have done it with no questions asked, I was desperate to feel well. I couldn’t take much in, hence why my hubby was there, but to be fair it is all written down very well on the Metabolic Balance plan on a step by step basis.

I went home, got all the stuff I needed and started the Metabolic Balance plan, the first four days were strange but achievable. Then after that it became easier and after week 2 it was plain-sailing and became a way of life.

I have lost two stone in weight and countless inches, I no longer take indigestion tablets, I no longer have migraines (have suffered all my life with headaches everyday) and I am going to see my GP to see if there’s a more natural alternative to my thyroid medication. I cannot explain how this plan has changed my life and my way of how I look at food, I no longer crave sugar or any other junk!!!

Emma is there with so much knowledge about how to heal us. If anybody gets the chance to do Metabolic Balance, please grab it with both hands, I swear you won’t look back if you feel the way I did on my first visit. EMMA IS THE WAY TO GO, SERIOUSLY!! And she is lovely, you ask her anything, Emma is happy to share her knowledge, so take it and run.

I wish everyone good luck and a happy healthy life.

- Sue

*I decided to try the metabolic Balance diet as had been struggling to find a diet that worked for me. I lost the best part of 2 stone in less than 12 weeks.* After the initial few days of adjustment I took to the diet very quickly and starting loving food that I had never looked at before. I found the structure of the diet worked well for me – lots of flexibility on what I could eat but sufficiently structured so it”s hard to cheat. It may not work for everyone but I really liked it and having hit my target I am no longer on the diet but now choose healthier foods because it is what i want and not out of some sense of duty other than when having treat meals/ holidays. I am now five months in and have managed to keep the weight off. Emma was great – really encouraging, non judgemental and very clear.

- John

*I found Emma Vanlint from her website last year (2009) after seeing various nutritionists who basically did nothing for me. From the very first visit I felt she got straight to what was causing me problems with my weight control.

I have struggled with my weight for years and the problem got worse after a hysterectomy. During our sessions we talked about the Metabolic Balance programme and I finally took the plunge on 3 January 2010. I can honestly say I have never felt better in my life.

The immediate benefits apart from the weight loss (I have lost 21lbs in 8 weeks) are my hair, nails and skin are so much better*- they feel really healthy and soft now. I have so much more energy it’s like being 30 years younger and that’s always a plus for me. I also got stressed and anxious very easily and along with that came problems with sleeping. This has all vanished since I have been on the programme – I now sleep very well and wake feeling full of energy. Some people may find the plan difficult to get used to but it’s well worth the effort to gain all the benefits and you soon get used to it.

I will use my food plan all the time now as you can feel the goodness going into your body with each meal. I only wish I found Emma years ago.

- Paula

*By the time I was directed towards Emma Vanlint around December 2009, I had been continuously bloating throughout 4 IVF cycles over the past 2 years. At that time a fertility centre doctor told me I had to lose weight. I answered that I’d been desperately trying to, but it wasn’t coming off even with Atkins. She contacted a friend who gave me Emma’s number and said she was very good. Well, she was better than very good – she was excellent! And I’m a convert to MB!

The only other time when I had gained weight in my life had been 10 years ago after 2 tibial oesteotomy operations followed by cortisone injections. But I had shaken all of that off, although the allergic reactions I had acquired at the time were still with me: I could not touch washing up liquid, I came out in a skin rash when I got anxious and I could not take any type of antibiotics. Lately, post IVFs, I had also been losing a lot of hair and my hands were getting chapped with bloody lesions. I was clinically depressed and had sleep problems.

I met Emma but was very apprehensive about the Metabolic Balance program – I didn’t think I could do it as it seemed very regulated, the daily weightings seemed like a mountain to climb and I didn’t think the quantities were enough not to feel hungry. She pushed me gently into accepting the idea and going ahead with it on 20 January 2010.

Within a couple of weeks all the above mentioned symptoms had started to disappear. I felt my old energy levels returning, my anxiety receding, and my positive outlook on life resurging. In a word, I was getting reconnected with my old SELF! And the feeling is indescribable!

I also lost 13kg (28.7lb) in 2 months, shedding the extra centimeters without any effort!*Although since then I have not been able to continue with the plan religiously due to intensive traveling for the past 2 months, I have lost a further 3kgs!* It is so well tailored to my body’s needs and provides me with all the necessary nutrition that I do not get hungry and have no cravings! I now know what’s good for me and health being a priority on my agenda, I will always keep my MB plan in mind and act upon it in order never to end up in the desperate situation Emma first found me in. It’s good to feel good about oneself! 🙂

- Kohar

*I’ve struggled with my weight ever since I developed hypothyroidism. It was a long time before I was diagnosed and I felt very ill and had gained a lot of weight by then. When I started taking the medication I thought I’d just start to lose weight and feel better but that never happened. In the past 15 years I think I tried every diet known to man and although some worked I never felt good during the process. I found Emma and tried Metabolic Balance because I thought that was just what I needed, i.e. to balance my metabolism. At first I found it hard to stick to timings of meals and other aspects of the diet as I lead a rather busy life, but I soon got into a routine. I was amazed that in the first sixteen days I lost the same amount of pounds, but what really shocked me was how good I felt, no cravings, masses of energy and I was sleeping better than I had in years. It’s made me completely review the things I eat and drink and I suffer far less from stomach problems than I used to. It’s a diet for life really as if you do stray from the path it’s easy to get back into the diet and start losing weight again and after a while it doesn’t feel like a diet, you just want to eat like that because you feel better if you do.

- Sue

*Since I started treatment for a thyroid problem my metabolism changed completely. I could not lose weight despite following my previous short term successful diets. I was feeling very tired and sleepy. I was starving myself to one meal per day and still I was not losing any weight. I had cravings and I was in need for chocolates on an everyday basis and on occasions they would replace my main meal. After a thorough internet search I found Emma and I contacted her. She gave me the option of the metabolic balance diet and I decided to follow it.

I have been on the metabolic balance diet for 12 weeks now. I have lost 15 ½ pounds, I am full of energy and my skin glows*. I am on phase 3 and I plan to continue with it. It is not difficult to adhere to it and Emma is very supportive and encouraging. It is the first time in my life that I have been able to stick with a diet and this is due to the fact that I enjoy what I am eating and most important that I do not feel hungry. My cravings have gone and as a medical doctor I can see that the diet is based on stabilising my blood sugar levels.  I fully recommend the diet and most of all Emma who is very experienced and comes with nice alternative meal /food ideas to suit everyone.

- Chrysa

*When I first went to Emma I was very overweight (about 8 stone) and unfit, in fact, I felt awful. On our first meeting I could barely walk up the stairs to Emma’s consultation room. I was particularly interested to receive my blood test results and the resulting programme. I loved the food on my personal programme and found that I was enjoying creating my own recipes from the list, for example, my own hummus and salmon or tuna dips. My family also enjoyed eating these foods with me. The programme is so easy to follow and I have learned so much about myself and which foods are best for me. The weight has come off easily and all the niggling health problems that I had when I first went to Emma have gone, such as aching joints and mood swings. It has been just over a year since I my first consultation with Emma and I am a healthy weight for my height. Metabolic Balance has certainly changed my life and vastly improved my health. Thank you Emma!

- Amanda

*Despite being active and fit, doing various challenges for charity, which required stamina and determination, I’d gradually been getting larger as I approached the dreaded 50. Not large enough to be obese, or even to be considered very large, but certainly enough to feel uncomfortable and to lose my waist which had always been my saving grace. I promised myself that I would find a way during my 50th year to eat properly and return to a comfortable size before I lost complete control. To say that the Metabolic Balance method of eating was perfect for me is a serious understatement and with Emma’s direction it took me just over 3 months (including the Christmas/New Year period) to lose considerably more than I thought I ever could (3.5 stone & 3 dress sizes to be precise). What’s even better is that it has all gone from the problem places – hips, waist and thighs and I am now the same size I was when I was 20!* Even better, when losing weight at 50 you tend to get gaunt around your face but this has not happened at all!

I have never been hungry, having managed to rid myself of my sugar cravings almost immediately I started the MB diet and yet now that I am in Maintenance I find I can eat a little of anything I used to eat without craving more. Emma’s guidance on how to mix and match food allowances and her very timely and patient responses to endless questions from me have made the whole process very straightforward. The only problem is I need a new wardrobe!! Or can that really be called a’problem’?

- Michelle

*I found Emma online after doing research. On my first visit she was very welcoming, which allowed me to discuss all my problems openly. I had been overweight for the past 6 years and it had started to affect my health as well as the way I looked. When we began the program I was not expecting such quick weight loss in such a short period of time. It was amazing! The more I lost the more I was motivated to continue the Metabolic Balance programme. The best thing about Emma was that you could contact her any time you want and she would respond immediately to your questions. I lost 20kg in just 3 months, and now I am able to wear shirts without discomfort. I dropped from waist 36″ to 32″, and the change can be clearly seen.

Going to see Emma was definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my life and I have no regrets and constantly recommend her to my friends. Metabolic Balance is great, you can even continue using the same meal plan after the programme is finished, as the food list provided for you is great!

- Fatih

*I couldn’t be happier with my experience on the Metabolic Balance diet. I have lost 12kg since I started the plan in late March* and I never found any phase of the plan difficult. I was hungry at the beginning but now I am so used to eating every 5 hours, I don’t feel hungry in between.

I have a very sociable life as you know and I also travel a lot, which makes it’s very hard to stay on the plan while I’m out or on a trip, but as soon I get back on track it take me just 2 days to be where I was weight wise. So now I know exactly what to do and if I slip up, I know exactly how long will take me to be where I was. This makes me very happy as my lifestyle is the same but I am able to maintain my ideal weight.

Thank you so much again.

- Victor

*After trying for a baby for over 12 months, undergoing many medical tests and taking medication that was making me feel terrible, I was looking for a place to turn to for help. Since part of my problem was being overweight, I researched nutrition and nutritionists online and when I came across The Nutritional Therapy Clinic’s website, I was hooked.

My first session was very informative, interesting and engaging. Emma concentrated on everything that was relevant to me and the depth of her knowledge was amazing. I followed her instructions and started feeling better within 2 weeks. I stopped taking my medication, as I felt I no longer needed it, and started getting my energy back. I felt wonderful. My eating plan could fit practically into my day to day life and I started experimenting with food and ate much more than ever before and still lost weight.* The subsequent sessions were exciting and Emma always had many new tips and advice for me.

I was pregnant in less than 4 months after my initial appointment, am now in my 12th week and everything is going very well thanks to Emma’s pregnancy eating plan and the supplements she recommended.*

Words cannot express how thankful I am to her and how astonished I am at what good nutrition can do.

- Monika

*After years of dealing with numerous stomach problems and seeing doctor after doctor and being told different stories by all of them, I was almost ready to give up. My last hope was to try a more natural approach and see a nutritionist. I was already a healthy person and enjoyed living a healthy life style so was excited to see what Emma’s approach would be.

After my first meeting with Emma I walked out feeling like someone had really listened to me, really cared about me and what I had been dealing with for the past 5 years.

The treatment was spread over a 6 month period and at times was difficult but month after month I could feel my body changing and now I have reached the end I feel like a completely new person. I have my life back!!

After years of being told my problems were normal and I had to live with them I now know this is not true. Conventional doctors may not recognize my problems but Emma has.
Thank you so much Emma!!

- Joanna

*Most of my life I have been underweight, anxious and hyperactive with poor eating habits. For several years I have suffered from aching joints and severe back pain. I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis and prescribed medication. I had several side effects which prompted me to look deeper into this problem.

I contacted Emma Vanlint who I found on the Nutritional Therapy Clinic website in 2008. On my first visit to the Clinic, the receptionist was helpful. During my session with Emma, I felt at ease and found her both knowledgeable and understanding. She introduced me to special diets, complimented by carefully chosen supplements to balance my nutritional intake in order to help the body?s own ability to stabilise and to correct my condition.

Reassuring parts of this treatment are also the tests carried out which are able to monitor the many aspects contributing to osteoporosis.

Thanks to Emma, my back pain has subsided and I am eating healthy food with supplements and I am much less anxious and hyperactive as well as sleeping much better and for the first time ever have lie-ins. In addition to this I now have a fitness regime.

Emma has given me new hope and the strength to cope with this condition.

- Juliana

*Metabolic Balance was a true miracle for me. After I gave birth to my son my hormone balance changed a lot. I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS and it was getting worse but as soon as I started the Metabolic Balance programme everything started to change. My period problems stopped and I started to feel really healthy again. Previously I had been tired and sleepy all day, now I felt like I had much more energy. The programme is very simple and it isn’t boring because you choose what to eat. The first week was difficult for me but then I got used to it very quickly. My coach Emma Vanlint was amazing, she was very supportive and friendly. I got answers to all my questions when ever I needed them. In total I lost 5 kgs but I look much slimmer and was amazed when we compared the old and new Muscle Mass and Body Fat as my body fat had decreased from 58.5% to 25.7% and my muscle mass increased from 13.5% to 28.8% in just 3 months.* I strongly recommend the programme to anyone who wants a healthier life, who has hormonal problems like me and who has difficulty in losing weight.

- Ozge

*I’ve had a hypothyroidism since 1995 and struggled with my weight and low energy levels ever since. I met up with Emma in late November 2011. At that stage I felt really depressed about my appearance and ready to do anything to get rid of all the weight I’d accumulated over the past few years.

At first I was very apprehensive about the Metabolic Balance programme, as it seemed a very strict and regimented diet. With Christmas around the corner everyone was telling me not to start the program until the New Year. The thought of gaining more weight during the holidays made me even more determined to go on the plan straight away in the hope of losing a couple of kilos before the festive season began.

I started the Metabolic Balance programme in early December. The first 2-3 days were really hard, but even though the portions seemed small I didn’t feel hungry. Emma was very supportive. She emailed me great tips just before Christmas, on what to eat when going out so I didn’t feel I was missing out on anything. Having one treat meal a week allowed me to enjoy my Christmas lunch, desserts and all! By that time, only 3 weeks into the programme, I’d lost 6kg and an amazing 11.5cm from my waist alone!* Up to now, I have lost nearly 12kg and I feel and look great.*

I try not to think of the Metabolic Balance programme as a diet, but continue following the basic ‘rules’ of the diet plan as a way of life!

- LP

*As an already coeliac diagnosed individual, I came to Emma seeking answers to why I was feeling so low on energy, unable to shake off colds and coughs, bloating, fuzzy head and a constant feeling of not being well. I’ve always kept my gluten free diet very strict, as well as being very interested in nutrition and health, so it was all a big question mark for me.

With Emmas help and support and a couple of tests, she found a few things, which had to be corrected in order for me to find my optimal health again. Meeting Emma has been a great breakthrough for me and she has opened up a new way for me to see my health and how to look after myself.

Emma has been, and is, extremely supportive and available along the way. She made my goals realistic, which I believe is key to success. She fitted everything she suggested in with my daily life and made the changes seem seamless and effortless. She saw “me” and my needs and me as the individual I am. She has fantastic listening skills and approachable in a non-judging way.

Thank you Emma for getting me back on my feet and making me a happy person again.

- Christina

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