Asthma is on the increase, particularly amongst children. It is an inflammatory condition, like eczema, which affects the lungs causing wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath.

There are many potential triggers such as:

  • Cold air, exercise, cigarettes, fumes, chemicals, aspirin and ibruprofen (NSAIDs)
  • Allergy to wind-borne pollens, house dust, moulds
  • Food intolerances and allergies, which could be to eggs, wheat, cow’s milk, yeast, fish, peanuts, etc
  • Liver overload, as a result of low stomach acid and/or thrush, leading to ‘leaky gut syndrome’
  • Excess salt
  • Deficiency of B vitamins, magnesium and antioxidants
  • Stress factors – physical or psychological

By identifying the specific underlying causes in each case of asthma, i.e allergies, stress, food intolerance, vitamin deficiencies etc, we can recommend a suitable approach to asthma nutrition and a beneficial dietary programme. Clients often report a substantial reduction in severity and frequency of attacks after changes to their diet.

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