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Losing weight with Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance - lose weight, weight maintenance diet, helps with hormonal imbalance

Christmas has passed and you might feel that it wasn’t just the goose that got fat. Many of us know that after the Christmas binge we have to knuckle down and shed some weight but often we’ve  already tried just about every diet in the book to no avail. The Metabolic Balance diet is a diet that can work for everyone, although it’s a different approach to the one size fits all diets you might be used to.

It’s particularly effective for men and women who suffer from hormone problems such as an underactive thyroid, (also known as hypothyroidism).  People often feel huge relief after a diagnosis of hypothyroidism, as at least it provides an explanation for the symptoms like coarse dry skin, thinning hair, weight gain, tiredness and difficulty sleeping. Unfortunately, diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism doesn’t always result in that magical weight loss that we expect and a large number of people with an underactive thyroid spend the rest of their lives trying to lose, or just even maintain their weight, and some never quite feel well again.

Emma Vanlint at the Nutritional Therapy Clinic is a qualified Metabolic Balance coach and has helped clients with all types of hormone problems that make it difficult to lose weight including hypothyroidism, PCOS and menopause.  The bonus of this diet plan is that it also help you to improve your health and achieve that seemingly unachievable weight loss at the same time.  You can read up on some of our hypothyroid clients’ experiences with the diet on the Metabolic Balance for Hypothyroidism testimonials page.

The Metabolic Balance diet is quite different to other diets, in that it’s a diet designed for you and your needs, not a one size fits all approach to dieting.  The plan that the Nutritional Therapy Clinic will design is for you and you alone and is based on your personal data and your blood test results.  Remember, it’s not just about losing weight, as Metabolic Balance can help balance your hormones and heal some of the imbalances in your body.  As a consequence of this improved balance, you’re able to lose weight more easily. The Metabolic Balance® diet works by adjusting your body chemistry and rebalancing hormone levels, which in turn promotes fat burning, decreases fat storage and promotes “anti-ageing”.  So it’s particularly good for women (and men) of a ‘certain age’ who are experiencing hormone imbalances of a variety of reasons, not just thyroid issues i.e. menopause and PCOS, and just generally getting out of sync.     For those who’ve gained weight and are suffering from low energy, it can also help to improve how you feel and boost your energy levels along with shifting some unwanted pounds.*

Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased energy
  • Regulation of hormones
  • Improvements to the condition of your skin
  • Improved mood and sometimes the lifting of depression
  • Better quality of sleep

But the best thing about the Metabolic Balance diet is that there’s no yo-yo effect as with many diets.  This is a not a fad diet or a starvation diet and it’s not hard to follow.  It’s a sensible plan based on healthy foods that you can find in your local supermarket or shop and once your metabolism is reprogrammed you can maintain your weight by following a few simple rules. The Metabolic Balance Programme is backed by 20 years of scientific research by expert nutritionists and has been tried and tested on over a quarter of a million people since it was first developed.*

This is what one of our clients had to say about her experience with Metabolic Balance

Sue said:

“I’ve struggled with my weight ever since I first developed hypothyroidism 15 years ago.   It was a long time before I was diagnosed and had gained a lot of weight and felt very low and had no energy.  When I started taking the medication, I hoped for miraculous weight loss and to feel better immediately, but that never happened.  So I’d had 15 years of experimenting with every diet out there and some have worked a bit but I’ve never felt much better as a result of any of them and some have been detrimental to other health issues I have.   I found Emma and tried Metabolic Balance because I thought that it was just what I needed, i.e. to balance my hormones and hopefully my metabolism along with it.  I was approaching menopause as well, so I needed to take that into consideration.    At first I found it hard to stick to the timings of meals and other aspects of the diet as I lead a rather busy life, but I soon got into a routine.  I was amazed that in the first sixteen days I lost 16lbs* but what really shocked me was how good I felt,  no cravings, masses of energy, clear skin and I was sleeping better than I had in years.  It’s made me completely review the things I eat and drink and I suffer far less from stomach problems than I used to.  I also have diverticular disease so diets like that exclude all carbs are no good for me at all and this one is properly balanced.   What’s great about the diet is that if you do stray from the path it’s easy to get back into it and start losing weight again and after a while it doesn’t feel like a diet, you just want to eat like that because you feel better if you do.*”

*Disclaimer: The information and advice provided by The Nutritional Therapy Clinic is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Any person suffering from conditions requiring medical attention, or who have symptoms that concern them, should consult a doctor. Testimonials on this site regarding weight loss and other issues are examples of what we have done for other clients and of what some of our clients have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. Please see our disclaimer section for further information.

Click here or call now for a free no obligation chat, to find out how a nutritionist can help you lose weight even if you have hypothyroidism or PCOS. Appointments are available in Harley Street, London and Colchester, Essex, telephone 0203 907 6848 or email by clicking here. If you suffer from hypothyroidism then the health improvements listed above could have a huge impact on your life so make that call.

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